An Irish artist addressing body image and censorship
Samuel Casey, an Irish visual artist left his hometown in Dublin to find adventure and inspiration in New York, eventually landing his dream role assisting world-renowned photographer Spencer Tunik. He describes how the experience changed his life and gave him new artistic direction and determination, overcoming some long-held inhibitions in the process.
The Three Amigos in Valencia
A Cork DJ Making Reggae-infused Hot Sauce
The story of Conor Lyons’ ‘island inspired’ Rock Steady Food Company is much like the batches of hot sauce he and business partner Aaron Comerford concoct, just the right amount of luck, support, passion and timing were necessary to bring the mix together.
The Museum's Chimpanzee specimen
The Curator of an Incredible Dublin Hidden Gem

The Trinity College Zoological Museum is tucked away towards the back of the Trinity College campus. Housed within the busy Zoology Department, the museum is enthusiastically staffed by the students themselves. Curator Dr Martyn Linnie discusses his vision for the future of one of the city’s most unusual attractions, and shares some of the fascinating tales behind the specimens themselves.

An Irish Independent Brewer Thinking Outside The Box

Ireland is experiencing a craft beer revolution, with smaller independent brands swaying the masses away from the mainstays. One of these is DOT brew. Founded by Shane Kelly in 2015, they have focused on serving up distinctive brews to their followers. Here Shane describes his passion for brewing, and how it all came about in the first instance.

A Forgotten Irish International Soccer Team

Violet Connaughton talks about her time playing soccer for Ireland in the 1970’s. She recounts the camaraderie of the women and how a funeral reunited them once more. It was a period of Irish sporting history that the Football Association of Ireland still has not recognised.

Making Chinese Dumplings In Ireland

Oliver talks about why he set up his dumpling business in Ireland. He explains why doing business in China is oppressive compared to the openness of Ireland. He also enthuses about why he wants people to try real Chinese food.

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